Free Solar Panels

How to get solar panels for free and save
big time on your photovoltaic project.

Save lots of money by using free or cheap pv panels.Imagine, one of the most expensive parts of your solar project, just disappearing. This is essentially what happens when you can get free or really cheap solar panels. Getting solar panels for free makes solar powering your home a lot more affordable and allows you build a bigger, more powerful solar energy system for less.

Ok, great! But how do you get free solar power panels?

How To Get Free Solar Panels

Learn how to get free solar panels from companies.Getting free solar PV panels is a subject that is very popular at the time. This is due to the fact that more people than ever before are seeking out and finding free solar power panels consistently. Why do you think there are so many people on EBay selling groups of used solar panels so often?

Most of these people just got them for free from people and companies that were upgrading to newer solar modules.

See, free solar panels are out there. It's inevitable. In fact very often, old or used solar panels end up in the trash, with many people even paying good money to have them hauled away and disposed of.

Believe me, almost all of these people would probably rather have you take them away for free than pay money to a trash or rubbish removal company for the same thing. If you're really smooth, you could even end up getting paid to take way free PV panels. Wow!

It's just a matter of knowing how to find the people and companies that are upgrading to newer solar panels and asking for them. 


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Getting Free PV Panels From Solar Installers

Getting free PV panels directly from pv solar installers.One pretty easy and direct way of getting free solar power panels is to contact solar installers. If they think you're a potential customer who may later use their services, they will generally be very co-operative and try to get you onto the whole solar thing, just so you can be dependent on their services later. Little do they know that you visited and know a bit more than they think about solar powering a house yourself. You're just looking for free PV panels.

Anyway, without making this method too sneaky, ask the solar installer if they know of anybody who wants to get rid of their old solar panels and will let you take them away for free.

If you want to, you can even offer to help the installer remove them from the home, that's free labour that the installer would normally have to pay someone for.

Odds are, if you do this a dozen times, you could end up with a good score of free photovoltaic panels, more than once.

If this was to happen, you would be able to eliminate a huge portion of the cost and expense to solar power your home. Plus you would also be able to build a bigger system that can harvest more power. Yeaay!

How To Get Solar Panels With Want Ads

How to get free solar power panels with want ads.Another way to get free PV panels that works for some people is to use want ads in newspapers (or on websites) that reach a wide audience of people who might have what you are looking for. Renewable energy newspapers, websites or even "solar themed" blogs and online forums are great for this.

In your ad (whether newspaper or online), say something like: "Free Solar Panel Removal", or maybe something like: "We Remove and Recycle Old Solar Panels Free".

You never know, with more and more people getting into solar power these days, you could get many interested people who want to take you up on this. You might end up with more free solar power panels than you can take.

Solar Panels For Free From Traffic Sign Rental Contractors

Solar panels for free from traffic sign rental contractors.Many people also get solar panels that are damaged from highway equipment rental companies for free.

These sign rental contractors usually have some slightly cracked solar panels that got hit and damaged by vehicles on the road. When this happens, they have to declared them unsafe even though they still work and end up throwing them out / replacing them.

All you have to do to get solar panels for free is look for those blinking highway signs and get the telephone number off the sign itself. Then call and ask the shop maintenance manager if they have any free damaged solar panels. Sometimes it helps to get your kids to call and say they are for a school project. Also, going to their location in person can bring better results as they see you are serious about taking them now.

You really can end up getting some expensive and powerful solar panels for free using this method. Some of the free solar panels reportedly obtained can cost up to $2400 and more! Although most of these panels will only output about 50% - 75% of their normal capacity, it's still an outstanding value for free. If you want to learn more about how much solar panels cost click here to go to the Cost of Solar Panels section of our website.

More Roof Space Required

More roof space is often required with used solar panels.One thing you should be aware of when using free PV panels is that due to the fact that some of these panels may not be producing at full capacity, you may require more roof space to make the same amount of power.

For example: If your 500 watt panel is only producing 250 watts, then you'll need to use two of them (double the space) to get the same power. To learn more about how to test solar panels to make sure they are working properly click here to go to the Solar Panel Testing section of our website. 

Repairing Damaged Free Solar Power Panels

Sometimes the free solar power panels you end up with need some repair. Since solar panels don't have many complicated moving parts, this is sometimes very easy to do.

Repairing damaged and cracked broken free solar pv panels.Cracked solar panels can often be repaired by doing something as simple as applying some clear silicone to seal the cracks.

A simple soldering iron can repair broken connections in free PV panels and you can always use a multi-meter to check their output, just to be sure they're working. If you want to learn more about soldering solar panels you can go to the Make Solar Panels section of our website.

Buying Cheap Solar Panels

If you don't feel like doing all of the work involved in the methods for getting free solar panels listed above, you can opt to buy cheap solar panels from people who did use the above methods to get them and now want to make a small profit from them.

PV panels for sale on ebay have been tested and work.You can find these exceptional offers on websites such as or, start a free account and buy as many cheap solar panels as you want.

Although this method involves you dishing out some of your own money, it also eliminates a lot of the hard work of getting free solar power panels. Since these people probably got their solar panels for free, they are usually more than happy to get rid of them for very cheap and you end up getting them for "practically" free.

One of the advantages to this approach, is that unlike free solar panels, the panels you get have usually already been tested and proven to work. You don't have to end up with 47 useless solar panels in your garage you must now dispose of. Always get a receipt for what you buy, just in case of foul play.

In essence, you are trading a little bit of money for the luxury of having a lot of the leg work done for you. That works for me.

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